A blog by a team of aspiring Nordic sworsdmen about topics such as the HEMA scene in the Nordic countries, female participation in historical fencing, and effective training methods.


The regular Nordic Fencer team consists of the following people, all longsword instructors in the fencing club EHMS located in Helsinki, Finland:

Eliisa Keskinen is a HEMA practitioner since 2009. She is active in competitive longsword fencing and also practices military sabre. Eliisa writes about various subject around competitive HEMA, and female participation in the sport.

Kristian Ruokonen has fenced since 1997, and practiced HEMA longsword since 2008. He is a successful tournament fighter, mostly in longsword but also practicing sword & buckler. Kristian is highly interested in training methods for fencing, and his writing focuses on this.

Matias Parmala has trained longsword since 2002. He specializes in German longsword. Matias is responsible for editing new posts in the Nordic Fencer.

The regular team is occasionally augmented by guest writers both local and international.


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