Month: December 2014

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Counterattacks without opposition

By Kristian Ruokonen
An example of counterattacks without opposition in German longsword is the krumphau on the hands of your opponent as he strikes an oberhau. The krumphau is not my strongest technique, but in this article I will present some ways I get it to work. Counterattacks without opposition are extremely tough to execute successfully and in my experience the most common result of an attempted krumphau to the hands is a double hit.  It is clear that it cannot be done as a reaction to a committed vorschlag that is in measure. If you want to strike a krumphau to the hands safely, I think it should done in such a manner that when you hit his hands, you still have time to parry afterwards so that the initial strike does not reach you. Thus, krumphau is based on a victory in time difference. Your strike has to land clearly before your opponent’s strike even has a chance to hit. I think there are 3 main ways to do this: