Month: August 2014

NHFL – I lost every bout and I loved every minute

Guest post by Markus Koivisto

The first season of The Nordic Historical Fencing League is over. The first Nordic (and at the same time the first international) historical fencing league has reached it’s conclusion at Bergen Open, and we have our winners. I participated in three out of the four tournaments, lost every single bout in each of them, and can’t wait to get back in the ring. (more…)


When to counterattack?

By Kristian Ruokonen

Counterattacks are a major part of Kunst des Fechtens, and one could even argue that they form the core of it.  However, we do not often see people execute them when fencing. I believe that this is because people don’t understand how they work and in which situations, and how one should set up one’s actions. (more…)